TVC for a governmental phone company "Rostelekom" promoting the use of stationary phones at home.

A touching story told from the point of view of one family's close relative and dear friend - Stationary Phone, who shows us how a boy grows up and then finds his own family.

Director - Lena Tsodykovskaya
DP - Andrey Nikoaev
Producer - Alexey Grishin, Anastasia Sovaschenko

Client - Rostelekom
Agency - Arena Magic Box
Production - Metrafilms

Moscow, 2015

The project that was intended to be a corporate video was very well received by the Client, was named "Kind Phone" and eventually got turned into a TV Commercial to be screened around the whole country.

"Kind Phone" received an immediate and very high response in Russian Internet, where within first two days it reached it's 500,000 hits on You Tube.