Mother's Day is a story about Mags, a desperate mom, who may finally get the chance to reunite with her son under circumstances she never would have imagined. 

It is a story about one woman's: Worst. Mother's Day. Ever.

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Mags, let's face it, not the best mom in the world, decides that it's time to build back the relationship with her unwavering, yet juvenile son Dee, a member of a local desert racing squad Raw Dogs. She picks, as she thinks, a perfect time for that, Mother's Day, expecting him to give her a call and uses it as a way in. Little does she know that Dee is not only not going to call her, but he has a serious issue to deal with today: a dead teenager that is locked in his apartment. So today, Mags might actually get a chance of a reunion, but under the circumstances she would have never imaged to find herself in.

Lori Lively as Mags
Zac Badasci as Derrik
Teo Olivares as Cesar
Armando Broncas as Jose
Mimi Davila as Danielle
Maxx Scarlett as Maxx
Jonathan Holliday as Holliday
Andrew Dean Byrd as Andrew
Stormy Lynn Silva as Stormy
and Dan Funes as TV Reporter

Director - Lena Tsodykovskaya
Writer - T Sardoni, Michael Piech
Executive Producer - Jean de Meuron
Producers - Elena Bawiec, Dan Funes, Michael Schwarcz
Co-producer - Mica Coburn
Director of Photography - Andrey Nikolaev
Editor - Alessandra Lacorazza
Production Design - Michelle Hall
Costume Design - Jaime Nikoletich
Buggies Design - Ashton Warner
Sound Design - Peter Bawiec

© Lena Tsodykovskaya, 2017