Mother's Day is a short film about Mags, a desperate mom, who may finally get the chance to reunite with her son under circumstances she never would have imagined. 

It is a story about one woman's: Worst. Mother's Day. Ever.


Mags, let's face it, not the best mom in the world, decides that it's time to build back the relationship with her unwavering, yet juvenile son Dee, a member of a local desert racing squad Raw Dogs. She picks, as she thinks, a perfect time for that, Mother's Day, expecting him to give her a call and uses it as a way in. Little does she know that Dee is not only not going to call her, but he has a serious issue to deal with today: a dead teenager that is locked in his apartment. So today, Mags might actually get a chance of a reunion, but under the circumstances she would have never imaged to find herself in.